November 17th - 19th

Wisconsin Badgers VS Michigan Wolverines

A whirlwind 48 hours with two dozen peers with interest in connection-making and new adventures with old friends. BurstOut takes the innovative, creative and entrepreneurial-minded and strips away all class and maturity in favor of beers, cheese, and football.


Over November 17-19th, BurstOut will take over MADISON, WI – the jewel of the Midwest – with two dozen of the country's most promising young leaders. As any Wisconsin Alumni can attest, this bender is not for the faint of heart. 

The canvas of Madison is a return to simpler times. Expect an in-depth exploration of the town. There is no mission other than enjoyment – the carnal pleasures of Spotted Cow beer, jumping around Camp Randall stadium, trouncing around the Capitol Square and Willy Street. Lakeside views and runs through the Arboretum.


Welcome to Joshua Burstein’s “Still-a-Bachelor” Party. Josh founded BurstOut after refusing to turn 30 in 2016 because he was too busy trying to win an election for ol’ Hilldog. 

BurstOut will mark one-year of everyone having to deal with this shit. And as long as we’re not at war with North Korea, this outing should be warranted reprieve to let loose and hang out with friends from across the country. 


We need a head count by Labor Day. Michigan VS Wisconsin is the marquee match-up and any home game will lead to sparse options for housing, let alone tickets. BurstOut’s robust Operations Team of One will happily organize these accommodations — all you have to do today is SAY “YES.”

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (open to interpretation and suggestion)


Afternoon arrivals wander campus, Lakeshore
Hang at Memorial Union 
Meeting with WI Democratic leadership
Dinner on The Capitol, descend to State Street


Brunch at Mickeys with local entrepreneurs
Reckless Tailgating
Wisconsin Badgers VS Michigan Wolverines
Weary Traveler for dinner
Willy Street Bars. More Bars. 


Painful and gorgeous morning run through Arboretum
Well-earned lunch at Alchemy
Back to reality


I think it’ll come to us around 2AM Saturday while we eat Ian’s Pizza. 


Wisconsin Alum. Obama Alum. Creatives. Founders. Brothers. People I believe get along with just about anyone and are interesting, good people. 


If you want to be a Badger, just come along with me...